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Address to Congress on Protectio…
Gordon Brown appeals to the American Congress, asking them to avoid policies of protectionism and work together with the countries … more»
Category: Economy, Work
Tags: England economy depression protectionism globalization bank failure disaster gordon brown america
Created: Mar 05 at 12:18PM

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Limbaugh Challenges Obama to Debate
Limbaugh Challenges Obama to Debate
Rush Limbaugh challenges Barack Obama to a verbal duel: “If these guys are so impressed with themselves, and if they … more»
Category: Protest
Tags: Barack debate radio rush limbaugh obama
Created: Mar 05 at 12:01PM

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Michelle Obama on Women’s History Month
Michelle Obama on Women’s Histor…
Michelle Obama observed Women’s History month on Monday by touring a memorial for women in the military. In this speech, … more»
Category: Civil Rights
Tags: Michelle Obama Women’s History Month Arlington military Veterans
Created: Mar 05 at 11:16AM

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Rush Limbaugh: ‘Conservatives Love People’
Rush Limbaugh: ‘Conservatives Lo…
Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh told the Conservative Political Action Conference that individuals can reach their potential if onerous taxes, … more»
Category: Patriotism
Tags: limbaugh cpac rush conservatives people
Created: Mar 04 at 10:14AM

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Clinton Calls for Action to Forge Mideast Peace
Clinton Calls for Action to Forg…
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used an international donors conference to issue a blunt call for urgent action to forge … more»
Category: Foreign Policy
Tags: clinton mideast action forge peace
Created: Mar 04 at 10:22AM

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Thousands Rally for Climate Change Legislation
Thousands Rally for Climate Chan…
Several thousand demonstrators gathered in Washington D.C., urging Congress to pass legislation to reduce greenhouse gases, and targeting the government’s … more»
Category: Green
Tags: plant-protest thousands rally climate change legislation Power
Created: Mar 04 at 10:32AM

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Obama: US Will Survive ‘Day of Reckoning’
Obama: US Will Survive ‘Day of R…
President Barack Obama warned anxious Americans Tuesday night the U.S. faces a dire ‘day of reckoning’ but can emerge ever … more»
Category: Patriotism
Tags: obama speech us survive day reckoning
Created: Feb 25 at 10:11AM

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Black Ministers May Call for Burris’ Resignation
Black Ministers May Call for Bur…
A group of black ministers who supported U.S. Sen. Roland Burris as he fought to get his job now plan … more»
Category: Community
Tags: ministers call Burris Resignation
Created: Feb 20 at 03:23PM

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Schwarzenegger: Calif. Lawmakers ‘Courageous’
Schwarzenegger: Calif. Lawmakers…
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says state lawmakers were courageous in approving a combination of tax hikes and spending cuts to … more»
Category: Economy, Work
Tags: budget schwarzenegger calif. lawmakers courageous California
Created: Feb 20 at 01:27PM

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Clinton Looks to Boost US Image in Asia
Clinton Looks to Boost US Image …
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton moved Wednesday to boost U.S. ties with the world’s most populous Muslim nation and … more»
Category: Foreign Policy
Tags: clinton indonesia boost us image asia
Created: Feb 18 at 12:20PM

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Peanut Corp. of America Files for Bankruptcy
Peanut Corp. of America Files fo…
The peanut processing company at the heart of a national salmonella outbreak is going out of business. … more»
Category: Economy, Work
Tags: salmonella outbreak _bankruptcy peanut corp. america files bankruptcy
Created: Feb 18 at 12:00PM

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Obama Pays Personal Tribute to Abraham Lincoln
Obama Pays Personal Tribute to A…
President Barack Obama paid a very personal tribute to Abraham Lincoln on the former president’s 200th birthday. Obama said Thursday … more»
Category: Patriotism
Tags: obama lincoln pays tribute abraham
Created: Feb 13 at 02:10PM

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Raw Video: Senate Approves Stimulus Bill
Raw Video: Senate Approves Stimu…
The Senate approved a $838 billion economic stimulus bill. Just three Republicans helped pass the plan on a 61-37 vote. … more»
Category: Economy, Work
Tags: stimulus raw video approves Senate Bill
Created: Feb 10 at 02:58PM

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Fed. Unveils Forceful Attack on Banking Crisis
Fed. Unveils Forceful Attack on …
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Tuesday the new administration will wage an aggressive two-front battle against the worst financial crisis … more»
Category: Economy, Work
Tags: bailout plan fed. unveils forceful attack on banking crisis
Created: Feb 10 at 02:50PM

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Raw Video: NASA Weather Satellite Blasts Off
Raw Video: NASA Weather Satellit…
NASA successfully launched a rocket carrying a new weather satellite from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, after two scrubbed … more»
Category: Exploration
Tags: satellite raw video weather blasts NASA
Created: Feb 06 at 10:08AM

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